Retirement Loan at Banksil – Low Interest

Banksil offers the payroll loan option for retirees and pensioners of the Social Institute. In these cases, it is not necessary to offer many guarantees to the bank, since the value of the installments are deducted from the benefit sheet.

Overall, the interest rates on a payroll loan are softer since the operation has a low default risk for banks and financial institutions. A personal loan, for example, will have rates much higher than a payroll, even more so in this case, since Banksil is also a public bank.

Banksil offers a payroll loan for retirees and pensioners of the Social Institute.

How do I get a paycheck loan for retirees at Banksil?

How do I get a paycheck loan for retirees at Banksil?

To request the credit, you must contact the bank to know the conditions. You can also simulate the values. The amount of credit to be released depends on the value of the benefit that is already committed to other transactions.

It is important to note that by law, the installments of a payroll loan can not exceed 30% of the total value of the pension or pension that the client receives. As the value is restricted to this limit, it is necessary to consider that the bank usually installs the payroll in up to 60 times.

This service is exclusive for retirees and pensioners, that is, it is totally customer service, so it is quite easy. On average, the rates applied are 2% per month with an increase in IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions).

To obtain the approval of the payroll loan it is necessary to present the following documents at the bank: RG, CPF, proof of residence and proof of receipt of retirement or pension. One of the advantages of the operation is that to get the payroll loan with Banksil does not need to be an account holder of the institution.

The consumer should know that the installment values ​​will be discounted even before payment of his benefit, ie in the term of payment of the loan, his retirement or pension will be a lower value than usual.

In both cases, retirees and pensioners must earn between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 to be able to repay the loan easily. It is recommended to bet on smaller installment periods if possible, so that the interest rate on the total loan amount will weigh less in your pocket.