This is how a business loan works

 Small and medium-sized companies play a major role in the Dutch economy. It is precisely those companies that contribute most to job creation and thus the prosperity of society. That is why we think it should be easy to apply for a loan. Loan providers  has the ambition to make it easier for the entrepreneurs to get financing that they deem necessary to achieve their next success.

1. Application

Application takes one minute. Your application is not binding.

Respond to the request

You will receive an answer to your loan application within one hour.

3. Transfer

You sign the loan with iDIN and the money will be transferred the same day.

This way you create credit for your company

It is no longer self-evident that entrepreneurs can take out a business loan. Several banks and lenders consider various factors when they make a decision about offering a loan. Below you can see which elements a bank usually goes through when considering a loan:

Important factors that affect the amount a company can borrow and the price  

People behind the company

Assessment of the person (s) behind the company is an important factor in risk assessment. Payment comments, debts, stable income, experience and credit skills are all factors that are considered.

Cash flow

Cash flow, the overview of business payments during a certain period. The cash flow is an important indicator for the loan provider to see how the liquidity of the company changes over time. A number of companies generate profits, but may experience problems by generating the majority of sales in a period, while most costs are incurred in the other periods.

Business plan

Do you have a business plan with a clear strategy and an implementation plan? Do you know what your customer segment is? Is your company dependent on a few customers? A good business plan takes into account general operating conditions and trends. Normally this contributes to creating a good feeling with the financier.

Experience or future

A company with a long history usually does not go bankrupt as often as newly started or “young” companies.

Control of the figures

That there must be control of the figures and that a good budget must be present is important both for you and for the bank. As mentioned before, cash flow is normally more important than the actual result. How much your company is indebted to lenders, how many employees are in the organization, what the company looks like, what the growth ambitions are, the details of what the company’s amount is wants to borrow. All these factors are taken into account before lenders approve an application or not.